About us

Uplift SHOP is more than just a store – we're a thriving community of over 340,000 individuals united by a common purpose: driving progressive change throughout Ireland. Our commitment is powered by the belief that collective action can transform society for the better.

As a self-supporting independent organization, we stand firm in our dedication to fostering a society built on social justice, fairness, human rights, environmental preservation, and deepened democracy. Our vibrant campaigns are shaped by these shared values, driving us to create a positive impact on the world around us.

We know that people are not apathetic but desire engagement in our democracy. And we provide the space for you to have your voice heard. 

Our campaigns are not just informed by our values but are also powered by digital tools and a diverse array of campaigning strategies. Each member plays a crucial role in advancing Uplift's initiatives, contributing to the broader impact we aspire to achieve.

Behind Uplift is a dedicated team of volunteers and experienced staff. The Board of Directors provides valuable advice and support to the core team, ensuring that our initiatives are effective and aligned with our mission.

Uplift is entirely independent, free from any political or corporate affiliations. This independence is central to our identity, allowing us to operate with integrity and focus solely on creating positive change.

Join us at Uplift – a community dedicated to making a difference. Together, we're crafting a brighter, more equitable future for all.

You can visit our main page here for information about campaigns and what we do here at Uplift: https://www.uplift.ie/

Visit MyUplift to see our recent campaigns or to stat a petition: https://my.uplift.ie/categories

Uplift is completely independent and not aligned to any political or corporate interests.